SEP 021

NEKROKRIST SS: Xmas Ritual 2016 tape EP

RELEASED 16.12.2016

"Christmas of old in Finland, called Yule in Scandinavia, was the fest of midwinter solstice. As it was with the vikings too. Images of goat were used in celebration of the pagan traditions and Odin. Even today Santa Clause in Finnish is literally 'Yule goat' and he used to come punish the bad children, not to deliver presents. Melancholy and darkness are present in the Finnish Yule of old and today as some of the original Finnish Yule songs are somewhat gloomy. NEKROKRIST SS adapts on this special release this Finnish gloom and transforms 2 quite known Finnish Yule songs into their own, twisting them with the Nekro-touch and the result is 2 exclusive songs for this tape with beautiful lyrics in Finnish about death, suicide and murder on this time when it's darkest in the north. And these are the themes of the modern Finnish Yule as it's often the peak of suicides and acts of violence in homes. This tape EP is 10 minutes long with 2 songs titled 'Itsemurha Jouluaamuna' and 'Renki'. Both embody the Finnish darkness of old and today. RAW UNDERGROUND SATANIC BLACK METAL!"

Limited to 88 copies pro-tape.
(due to being a limited special release it won't be available in many places as the main sales will be from Spread Evil)

'Renki' sample