Spread Evil website is currently outdated concerning news about new releases, will be updated soon but in the mean time follow us on Facebook to get the latest news! Spread Evil is now officially distributed by so place all your orders for our releases there!


CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT and BLASPHEMOUS DEVOTION tapes both sold out! Last copies sent to Nuclear War Now! so buy them there!


RIIVAUS tape sold out! New Bird Vomit Records release GENITAL AMPUTATION/NECRODIUM: Shit Wide Open CD out now!!


MORGAL tape sold out! ANAL BLASPHEMY: "Satan Rapes God since 2002" 2CD compilation released and added to the mailorder section!


The 2 new releases are out and available! Pre-orders have been shipped. Both will be available from BEHOLD BARBARITY and CALIGARI in the US!


SPREAD EVIL has opened an official facebookpage to promote new releases! You can find it at Other news: 2 new tape releases announced! SPREAD EVIL is proud to release the tapeEP of MORGAL, new rising force of EVIL from Finland and also the debut demo of CHAMBER OF UNLIGHT, another devilish creation from Finland. More info on the releases page. Release date for both is Friday the 28th of April 2017! Pre-orders are open now!


NEKROKRIST SS tape has been released and all the pre-orders have been shipped. The amount of orders has been somewhat overwhelming but the tape is still available for orders.


NEKROKRIST SS "Xmas Ritual 2016" limited tape available for pre-orders, will be released on the 16th of December 2016! Due to being a limited special release it won't be available very widely, mainly from Spread Evil only. More info on the releases page.


ANAL BLASPHEMY / EPÄKRISTUS: Fornication Rites MCD released, also now available the ANAL BLASPHEMY 4th full-lenght album "Western Decadence" CD/LP/shirt, released by Iron Bonehead Productions! Both Sielunvihollinen tapes are sold out as well as the Musta Kappeli rehearsal tape!


The first CD release of Spread Evil is in the press and up for pre-orders! ANAL BLASPHEMY / EPÄKRISTUS: Fornication Rites MCD, the digital version of the 7" to be later released by Death to Peace Productions. Order now and 30 first orders will come with a free poster of the cover art!


SIELUNVIHOLLINEN "Musta Uni" now sold out from us but will be soon available along with some other Spread Evil releases on the US soil from Behold Barbarity records! Buy and support!


INSANIS tape released! Order from us or from your local distro!


SEP020 INSANIS: Through the Flesh to the Eternal Dream demotape out next and up for pre-orders! Limited to 166 copies pro-tape.More information in the Releases-section.
Note that while this tape is the 20th release of Spread Evil because of the Finnish post's drastic raising of their postage rates and also because of the constant rising expenses to press tapes this will most likely be the last (tape?) release of Spread Evil. Releasing tapes has changed from a small "hobby" to a time and even more money consuming burden that just is not worth it anymore. Never say never but don't hold your breath waiting for new releases to emerge from the SEP camp.


SEP019 FECAL FETAL "Rituals of Purification" demotape OUT NOW!!


SEP019 FECAL FETAL "Rituals of Purification" demotape now up for pre-orders! Release date 21.11.2014.


New Spread Evil release under works! Limited to 50 demotape of Finnish lo-fi experimental dark ambient of FECAL FETAL. Audial experience of darkness.. More news will follow.

ITSEMURHA first demotape sold out! Still available from Northern Heritage records.


BLASPHEMOUS DEVOTION logo t-shirt available for pre-orders in the mailorder section!


Musta Kappeli tape out now!


MUSTA KAPPELI "Kohti Manalaa" rehearsal tape up for pre-orders.


Website opened.