The first boards and nails were hammered to the foundation of MUSTA KAPPELI (Black Chapel) in 2005 as a planning of lyrical concepts, songs and basic idea of Musta Kappeli. MK formed out of two souls Molestor Kadotus and IkiHorros to perform the dark hymns of Satan. With themes of Satanism, forests, antichristianity, lycanthropy and evil Musta Kappeli released the first demotape "Sielun Pimeydessä" (Darkness of the Soul) in early 2007 with 3 tracks and an intro of harsh slow/midpaced forest Black Metal. It was released by Spread Evil Productions and as limited to a bit less than 300 copies it is now sold out. Continuing the Black fire set by the demo Musta Kappeli recorded soon after 5 new tracks and an intro which were released as a split 7" EP "Wandering Towards.." with Blood Red Fog in late 2007 and a 10" MLP/MCD "Saatanassa Ulvoneet" (Those who howled in Satan) in early 2008. Both were released by the new and current label of Musta Kappeli, Primitive Reaction records. Response to the dark arts from spirits around the world has been positive and both releases have sold well. In the beginning of 2009 Musta Kappeli joined their blackness with another Finnish band Förgjord and a split 7" "Uskon Kuolema" (Death of Faith) was made with a common theme and collaboration of the Förgjord crew, released then by Hammer of Hate records. The track on the Förgjord-split was recorded in the same sessions as the upcoming debut full-lenght "Ei Valoa Tähän Kammioon" (No Light into this Chamber) in the summer of 2008 and will be released during the autumn of 2009.

Split LP with Korgonthurus marked a new era to begin with Musta Kappeli. Kryth of the Korgonthurus-horde joined Musta Kappeli as a permanent member and with him handling the drums the band is rising with a new improved style. Before the live performance in 2012 Musta Kappeli recorded a rehearsal-tape with full line-up featuring Kryth on drums first time on a recording and Rutto on guitar as a session member. This tape works as a preview of the new full-lenght to come with 2 new tracks as well from the second full-lenght which has been in recording process since 2010 and will finally be released by the end of 2014 as a true incarnation of the reborn Musta Kappeli. We have returned from the darkness of the forests!

Kohti Manalaa rehearsal demo

Spread Evil Distribution
Rehearsal recorded at the Rantatie Chamber on 1 September 2012. Pro printed tape limited to 100 copies.

1. Rukous Pimeyteen 04:01
2. Ihmisyyden Hämärässä 04:27
3. Ei Valoa Tähän Kammioon 04:21
4. Susiverta 06:59
5. Kolmen Surman Aamuna 04:27
6. Puhdistuksen Tulet 06:11
7. Kalmanlehto 04:33
8. Spiritus Lupus 04:26

Total playing time 39:25

Korgonthurus / Musta Kappeli split

Hammer of Hate Records 2010
Split CD/LP

1. Korgonthurus - Sade
2. Musta Kappeli - Syyskuolemaa

Total playing time 35:11

Ei Valoa Tähän Kammioon CD/LP

Primitive Reaction 2010
Full-lenght album CD/DIGIPACK/LP

1. Valosta Varjoon
2. Rukous Pimeyteen
3. Palaan Pedoksi
4. Ei Valoa Tähän Kammioon
5. Kolmen Surman Aamuna
6. Kaukaisia Unia
7. Kylmään Hautaan
8. Kalmanlehto (mp3)
9. Varjosta Valoon
10. Angelwings and Ravenclaws (Gehenna cover)

Total playing time 41:28

Helvetin Musta Peto - Finnish Black Metal compilation 2009
Compilation album DIGIBOOK (limited to 666 copies)

Participation with the exclusive track "Metsän Perkele"

Uskon Kuolema split7" EP with FÖRGJORD

Hammer of Hate February 2009
7"Ep limited to 666 copies.

1. Valheiden Kylväjä 06:16

Musta Kappeli
2.Haureudessa Häpäisty 08:19

Total playing time 14:35

Saatanassa Ulvoneet MLP

Primitive Reaction February 15th, 2008

1. Jään Kutsu 01:23
2. Ihmisyyden Hämärässä 04:57
3. Kaarnaisen Vihan Arvet 03:54
4. Belialin Mustat Sudet 08:14
5. Spiritus Lupus 04:21

Total playing time 22:49

Wandering Towards... split7" EP w/ BLOOD RED FOG

Primitive Reaction November 15th, 2007

Blood Red Fog
1. Wander in the Dark 06:25

Musta Kappeli
2. Kohti Lopullista Surmaa 06:27

Total playing time 12:52

Sielun pimeydessä demo

Demo, Spread Evil Productions February 22nd, 2007
Tape limited to 300 copies.

1. Johdanto 03:01
2. Yön Mustaan Noituuteen 07:09
3. Pimeyden Saatanallinen Majesteettisuus 05:37
4. Lykantropian Riivaama 07:54

Total playing time 24:10