Filth Gnosis

BLASPHEMOUS DEVOTION was originally born in 2002 with the name ANAL BLASPHEMY. After the entity created by reverend Molestor Kadotus existed for 12 years with the name Anal Blasphemy the form and expression of not only the creation but also the creator had evolved, progressed / regressed, altered... Changed to sum it up so it was natural for the entity to die with the name Anal Blasphemy and reborn with the new name Blasphemous Devotion in 2014. Words are magic and energies are bound to certain ideas and ideals so as the entity itself stayes the same there is a violent metamorphosis that has occurred. Although nothing has changed, everything is different. Blasphemous Devotion is a perfect name to summarize this entity and its meaning to the creator. To walk the Left Hand Path is to devote oneself to teachings that defy the gods of false light, this is worship in an ungodly manner and yet divine.

Some avoid the label of Black Metal but eventhough it's not a predestined path in which form the entity shall manifest, Black Metal is most definetly the exact characterization for Blasphemous Devotion. The debut release proves the rebirth being apparent as the demo is a sole creation of the reverend himself in the most filthy and ugly way like it was the first time the entity was born and yet there are elements of the progression that has followed during the years. "Occult Perversions" is the death of Anal Blasphemy and birth of Blasphemous Devotion and the circle becomes complete. It is just a beginning on a path which yet seems masked and mysterious. Only time will reveal what's to come. ANAL BLASPHEMY IS DEAD, HAIL BLASPHEMOUS DEVOTION!