SEP 022

MORGAL: Mistress of Blood tapeEP

RELEASED 4.5.2017

"From the Mid-Finland rises a new force of pure EVIL, the trio called MORGAL. 'Mistress of Blood' is a 4 track EP as a continuance to the debut full-lenght 'Käärmesielu'. Sadistic and fast melodic underground Black Metal with a touch of the most malicious heavy metal of the 1980's. Furious and aggressive, combining the melodies of old Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate to Sabbat (JAP) style raging madness and the primitive Devilworship of the north. Unique and something different to the usual Finnish Black Metal sound. RAW UNDERGROUND SATANIC BLACK METAL!"

Limited factorypressed pro-tape.

Mistress of Blood in youtube