SEP 017

Blasphemous Devotion: Occult Perversions - demotape 2014

OUT 4.4.2014

"From the death of ANAL BLASPHEMY is reborn BLASPHEMOUS DEVOTION, the same entity created by reverend Molestor Kadotus but with a new name and new energies. The rebirth is like the first birth of the entity, ugly and filthy with the reverend performing all instruments himself accompanied with blunt and harsh lyrics and vocals in a strong Beheritian vibe. The atmosphere of the debut demo is created with sloppy drums, distorted bass guitars, horrific vocals and several, often pornographic samples. Disgusting as goat rectum this demo will open the gates to new releases which only time shall tell how they will form and sound like. ANAL BLASPHEMY IS DEAD, HAIL BLASPHEMOUS DEVOTION!" Limited to 150 copies pro-tape.

Black Shit of the Black Goat: Youtube